Here are the external resources that are used in this website. The grayed out entries are no longer used in this website but may still remain included in the website's files. If you feel that your resource should be on this list or should be removed, please contact my email. All other resources used in this website within the scope of their respective headings are created by me and I reserve the rights to them.


Name File Author Source License Notes
jQuery Floating Social Share Plugin v1.2.0 jquery.floating-social-share.min.js Burak Ozdemir link MIT -
Responsive Tabs tabs.js callmenick link MIT -
jQuery v1.10.2 - jQuery Foundation, Inc. link MIT Not hosted on this website
Owl Carousel owl-carousel.min.js Bartosz Wojciechowski link MIT -


Name File Author Source License Notes
Multi-Level Accordion Menu accordion.css Sebastiano Guerriero link link -
Colorful CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu dropdown.css Martin Angelov link link -
jQuery Floating Social Share Plugin v1.2.0 jquery.floating-social-share.min.css Burak Ozdemir link MIT -
main_.css main_.css - - - Generated from this .scss file
Owl Carousel owl-carousel.min.css, owl-theme.css Bartosz Wojciechowski link MIT -
Normalize.css screen.css Anish Athalye link MIT -
Simple Grid simplegrid.css Dallas Bass link MIT -
Responsive Tabs tabs.css callmenick link MIT -